Preaching, writing and teaching about the God who is near and not afraid of our questions.

Brenna Blain is a wife, mom, Contemporary Theologian and Author from the Pacific Northwest. While she speaks on many topics, Brenna is most passionate about God’s involvement in our pain and personal struggles including mental illness, same sex attraction and abuse. Her current work is primarily focused in two areas. The first is preaching and speaking; teaching how God responds to some of these heavy, taboo and unsafe areas that so many of us don't just wonder about but have been affected by. The second area is writing. Questions and doubts are the natural outflow of the brokenness we experience in the world. Those who seek wholeness— who are interested in Jesus— won’t walk toward Him if their questions aren’t welcomed and engaged. Because of this resistance to questions, too many believers have done away with church altogether, finding no place to experience the safety of belonging in a culture of exclusion and legalism. Through what Christ has done and the help of the Holy Spirit, Brenna hopes to help change that. You can connect with her and her more on social media

Engaging culture as Christians in a post christian world, asking hard questions we don’t normally ask in church.

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